Duty of Care
for Traveler Well-being


Why Partner with a Travel Expert?

Remarkably few industries have survived more change than the travel industry. It seems like every day brings new revisions, revamps, reversals, rules, regulations, and renovations in almost every travel organization worldwide.

You must be a full-time travel expert to keep up with it all.

Thankfully, that’s what we are. We work hard to assist our valued clients with “duty of care” responsibilities — making sure your team is safe and healthy, both physically and mentally, during business trips.

Enhance Duty of Care to Meet the Needs of Your Team

Every business is legally responsible for keeping its employees safe and healthy, even while traveling. EPEX Travel provides an extra layer of care to ensure that your team’s needs are met on the road or in the air.

Traveler Well-being is #1

Improving traveler well-being is one of the top strategic priorities for businesses with employees traveling for work. According to recent industry research, ensuring traveler safety is consistently a top three concern.

Full-Time Experts to Manage it All

When you partner with EPEX to manage your company’s business trips, your staff are always in the hands of travel experts. We can help reduce risk, provide alerts and essential guidance to educate your team about safe traveling, and ensure your people can access assistance whenever needed.

Trip Briefing & Trip Alert Technology

Risk Management & Duty of Care Technology


Customized Risk Alerts in App

Our app provides essential information on transportation, health, weather, and other security updates about scheduled trips for risk management purposes

Itinerary-based Location & Risk Assessment

Mobile GPS tracking allows you to locate travelers in an emergency and drill down into trip details to understand the affected segments of their itinerary.

Compliance Alerts based on Company Rules


Trip Briefs

A snapshot of some of the most critical intelligence for a destination. It includes categories such as Security, Health, and Entry/Exit Information.

Automated Alert Distribution, 24/7, 365 Days Per Year


Critical, Warning, and Information WorldAware Alerts

A proactive, trusted partner. 

Make sure your team receives EPIC care with EPEX Travel.