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Concierge Services

Our Expertise: Navigating Complex Travel Plans

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”
— John Wooden, Basketball Coach

The number of variables and factors that go into taking a trip can be overwhelming, especially when traveling to a place you’ve never been. Every journey is unique, and the potential obstacles are more unpredictable than ever before.

EPEX Travel exists to make your life easier. Our agents have an average of 20-plus years of experience in the travel service industry, so they know precisely how to navigate the twists and turns of booking reservations, finding the best deals, and ensuring as smooth a trip as possible.


Car Service


Private Jet Scheduling


Dinner Reservations


Tours and Excursions


Event Tickets


Train Tickets


Negotiated Rates

Leave it to us

At EPEX Travel, we can do just about everything except pack your suitcase.


Expect More from Our Business Travel Concierge Services

Want boarding group one? Done.

More legroom? Boom.

A room with a view? Check.

Tickets to the game or that sold-out show? We can get that, too.

Our expert agents can plan and manage your trip from doorstep to doorstep— all while saving you and your company money. We do exactly what you would expect a concierge to do: make recommendations and take care of reservations. 

And, best of all, our team is on hand to take your requests 24/7. Our commitment to your trip means you can take care of business and rest easy while doing it


Expedite the Process with Travel Concierge at Your Fingertips

Taking advantage of our travel concierge services is as effortless as tapping your phone…

User-Friendly App

You can access our user-friendly app anytime, anywhere, on any device. EPEX Travel agents are always just a phone call away from answering any question, booking any reservation, and handling any request you might have.

Prepared & Ready for Anything

You never know what opportunities or obstacles might come your way during a trip. When surprises happen, you can give your dedicated agent at EPEX Travel a call. We’ll help you find answers to any travel-related questions you have.

Limitless Networks

We have connections and partnerships all over the world. Chances are if you need tickets, tips, or tricks for making your travel experience better, we have them.


Exude Confidence: Give Your Business the Edge

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, you need every advantage. With the EPEX Travel concierge on your side, you have options you won’t find on your own.

Now you can travel with confidence and control. Since we take care of the details for your business trips, you and your employees can travel rested, relaxed, and worry-free. You can maximize your time on the road, closing a big sale, visiting a job site, expanding your knowledge, or entertaining your valued customers.

A proactive, trusted partner. 

Explore how EPEX Travel can maximize your travel experience.