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You’re working with the world’s best when you team up with EPEX Travel to care for your corporate travel needs. Our travel agents each have an average of 25 years of experience in the travel booking industry and an average of 20 years with EPEX Travel.

Trust goes a long way in travel, so we’re 100% committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency. You can depend on the EPEX Travel team to always be on your side, working tirelessly to find the best deals and ensure your trips go as smoothly as possible.

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Expect Savings and Extinguish Waste

EPEX Travel clients typically save 5 to 15% off their travel expenses versus doing it by themselves. Those savings add up — especially for intercontinental trips. Our customers have cut thousands of dollars off their annual travel budgets by letting EPEX Travel do the hard work.

There are so many ways to save money with an international travel agent, including:

Flight Discounts

EPEX Travel agents take advantage of every price cut possible, such as group fares, re-issued tickets, and airline rewards programs.

Lower Rates for Hotels and Rental Cars

We negotiate special prices to ensure you pay the lowest amount possible.

Account Management Services

By analyzing your company’s travel spending budget and habits, our team can identify ways you can save even more money.

Time Savings

Time is money, and we’ll save you and your employees countless hours researching travel protocols and safety guidelines and making travel arrangements.


Expedite the Process

In the words of our corporate travel director:

“The mission of our company has been and always will be personalized care and exceptional service for our clientele.”

Whether you’re presenting a pitch in Panama, covering a convention in Copenhagen, or meeting merchants in Mumbai, EPEX Travel will get you there comfortably, quickly, safely, and at the best possible price. Traveling worldwide can be stressful enough without worrying about your reservations, itinerary, and other constantly changing protocols and procedures. You should be able to focus on your work without spending time knee-deep in fine print.

A proactive, trusted partner. 

Our goal is to serve you. That’s it. If we are keeping you happy, then we are doing our job.